Gestational Surrogates play an incredible role helping to assist individuals or couples achieve parenthood.

Because of the many complex personal and financial issues that must be considered when engaging in a gestational surrogacy arrangement, it is imperative that a Gestational Surrogate receives guidance from an independent attorney with vast experience in gestational surrogacy. The attorneys at Ross & Zuckerman, LLP have been representing clients in this area since 2005. We are licensed to practice law in Illinois, a friendly state for surrogacy arrangements due to enactment of the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act (“Gestational Surrogacy Act”) in 2005. We represent Gestational Surrogates who are friends or family members of the Intended Parent(s) (and may or may not be compensated) as well as Gestational Surrogates who have been matched with Intended Parent(s) through a matching entity. Our primary goal is to educate our clients regarding the law in Illinois governing gestational surrogacy, and negotiate agreements that accurately reflect their rights and expectations with respect to the gestational surrogacy arrangement.

Finally, whether you are a Donor or Gestational Surrogate, we collaborate with other fertility professionals in this field, including physicians, mental health professionals, medical ethicists, insurance specialists, estate planning attorneys and matching entities to help you understand all aspects of your reproductive journey, so you make appropriate decisions as you proceed.